46 Solution Principles Set + Matrix 2010

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Set of 46 Solution Principles (A4 laminated printouts) + Matrix 2010,
elegantly packaged in a practical white box.

The Game of Conflicts card game offers a fresh perspective on your problems by systematically guiding you to reframe the conflict in question. This reframing leads you to 46 promising principles, presenting 46 distinct approaches to resolving the existing conflict.

The 46 Solution Principles are intended for use in conjunction with Matrix 2010.

This kit is designed for those who have acquired the Game of Conflicts card game but do not possess the Matrix, and wish to progress in the game by generating concrete solutions.

Furthermore, this kit can be used independently of Game of Conflicts, facilitating the search for comparisons and solutions within a creative teamwork context.

The Matrix allows you to identify the sequence of principles associated with a specific conflict. Once identified, you can select the laminated boards with the corresponding numbers and review the proposed solutions. Based on these suggestions, you can formulate an appropriate solution with your team.

The surface of the 46 prints is plastic-coated, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning, making them ideal for shared use. The Matrix 2010 is a folded poster that can be placed on boards or walls, ready to be shared.

This kit serves as the perfect support for a creative team workshop or as inspiration in any problem-solving situation.