The story of our origin

The idea of the Game of Conflicts was born in a meeting, Moritz and Eckhard had in late 2019: The difference between the intuitive-creative design thinking and the analytical-systematic TRIZ method fascinates both of us and lead to the following question:

"How might design thinkers benefit from TRIZ without plunging into the dry theory?"


Do you recognize the conflict?

Our solution: let's make it playful! This gave rise to the idea of ​​pouring TRIZ's conflict-oriented thinking into our Game of Conflicts. This game should not only enrich Design Thinking processes, but every kind of innovation workshops.

We also realized very quickly that our team was not yet complete, that we still needed support for both, the design of the game and the communication about it. This is where Roberta ‘comes into play’. With her complementary competences she makes our team complete.

Together we finally developed and designed the game. The game inspired us to think more about an approach which draws inspiration from identifying and playing with conflicts. We call it conflict thinking. Our strong belief is, that conflict thinking can be a powerful enabler for innovations.

We hope to give you some interesting food for thought with our Game of Conflicts and the idea of conflict thinking. 

Please contact us, if you would like to learn more about conflict thinking, design thinking, TRIZ or design. We are happy to engage with you for workshops, trainings and other services based on your needs and requirements.