Playing TRIZ - Vol. 2

A book about more games and cases fostering inventiveness

Would you like to playfully apply or educate TRIZ*, the theory of inventive problem solving?

Then you should really read this book.

Written by 18 TRIZ and Innovation experts, this book will provide you with many inspiring ideas for playing TRIZ. The authors have tested their games and used them in their trainings.

Even highly experienced TRIZ consultants might discover new perspective, beneficial for education and application of TRIZ.

The book contains games referring to the system parameters, the contradiction matrix, the  inventive principles, the nine  windows, function modelling, fields and resources, or the ideal final result. They are using plastic bricks, playing cards, special materials or even things available in nearly every household or office.

When we - Roberta, Moritz, and Eckhard - developed the idea of creating a playful way to work on conflict analyses we have been inspired by the Vol. 1 of Playing TRIZ, too. Therefore we are very happy now to be among the authors of Vol. 2, writing about our Game of Conflicts. 

 If you are interested in the book,
you can purchase it from the
Synnovating online store.


 *  TRIZ is a Russian acronym  and stands for теория решения изобретательских задач, in latin letters teoriya resheniya izobretatelskikh zadatch, literally: "Theory of the resolution of invention-related tasks". TRIZ is a problem analysis, problem solving and technology forecasting methodology derived from the study of patterns of technological evolution. It is one of the pillars of our Game of Conflicts.