Game of Conflicts Playing Cards + Matrix 2010

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You want to use a playful way to ask the right questions in order to find innovative solutions to problems? 
This 50 illustrated cards game will help you doing it.

Playing Game of Conflicts allows you and your team to engage in a real time discussion about different aspects of your challenge, clarifying it and transforming it into a well defined set of solvable conflicts.

Also, if you are an experienced user of the classic TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving) you can easily reduce the game to a set of cards with the classic 39 system parameters (instead of 50). The cards have double numbering for both versions: a 39 card set and a 50 card set.

Delivery format

Slip lid box with 50 playing cards (89x120 mm) and instruction booklet.


In addition to playing the Game of Conflicts, you want to use the TRIZ-2010 Matrix for finding the most promising inventive TRIZ principles?

Here you find the original 50 system parameter "Matrix 2010" from Darrell Mann.

It is an A2 fold-out grid with the Matrix 2010 on the front side and the 40 principles with some explanations on the back side. In addition, you find the allocation of the 40 principles to the physical contradictions on the back side, too.